1 April - Realease of THE HOLY PLEDGE

recorded at St. Philomène Chapel

with the electronic musician from Marseille FA CESARIO

5 February, rewiew and interview by the italian critic Ettore Garzia on my music and my latest recordings


11th February the New Album is avalaible now!


25 old & new pieces for acoustic guitar!!!


30 December, what a pleasure to discover my two latest works inside the list of the best albums of 2019 made by the italian critic Ettore Garzia!

6 December, recording session with Jeannette & Michel Lambert, Lionel Garcin, Laurent Charles Emmanuel Cremer

at La Buissonne Studio, Avignone

2 December, recordings session with Jean-Francois Pauvros

at the Studio Campus, 12 rue Froment, Paris

September 29, New Album! Mark Dresser & Davide Barbarino | Duets

cover doppia 12xx12 .jpg

28 July Botanical Studies is available now!

Davide Barbarino - alto sax & clarinet & Frank Gratkowski - alto sax & flute
Recorded at the Botanical Garden of Palermo Febbruary 26, 2018



13/14 April: Recordings Session with Francois Wong at the St. Philomène Chapel & at the Caves de Côtes de Provence

7_10 April: recordings session with Fa Cesario at the St. Philomène Chapel

12/13 February: working session with Barre Phillips, Catherine Janiaux, Emmanuele Cremer, Lionel Garcin, Laurent Charles

28 January_28 April: Residence at the CEPI (Centre Européen pour l'Improvisation), St. Philomene Chapel, Puget-Ville, France


1/2/3 July: Residence at the CEPI (Centre Européen pour l'Improvisation)

with Barre Phillips, Laurent Charles, Julien Osty, Michel & Jeannette Lambert

   St. Philomene,  Puget-Ville, France

30 April: field recording session with Laurent Charles at Piazza dei Vespri, Palermo 

21-27 March: recording sessions and concerts with Michel Doneda in Palermo and Catania, Sicilia

26/27 February: recording session with Frank Gratkowski at the Botanical Garden, Palermo


29 November: recording session with Willehad Grafenhorst at the archeological site of the Grotte della Gurfa, Alia, PA (Sicily)

sound map

Davide Barbarino - alto & soprano sax, clarinet & flute

Willehad Grafenhorst - balalaika contrabass & gong

13_27 November: LABORATORIO DI ECOLOGIA ACQUATICA, personal exhibition at the Libreria del Mare di Palermo

18 September: recording session with Laurent Charles at the St. Philomene Chapel, France

13-14 -15 September: solo recording session at the St. Philomene Chapel, France

12-23 September:  LA LIGNE ROUGE 

with EMIR Collective directed by Barre Phillips

  at St. Philomene, Puget-Ville, France

11 September: recording session with Michel Doneda in Raillanne, Provence, France

9/10/11 September: acte collective avec Natacha Muslera, Michel Doneda, Fred Madoeuf, Marie Passarelli at the CASA LOBA, Reillanne, France

25/26 July: recording session with Elmar Guantes, Munich, Germany

27 June_27 July: INK POEMS,  personal exhibition in Munich, Germany

27 May: audio & video recording with Barre Phillips, Mark Dresser and Manlio Speciale at the Botanical Garden of Palermo, Sicily

7_18 May: Botanical Studies for Woodwinds  at the Botanical Garden of Palermo

4 May: meeting and recording set with Stevie Wishart at the Botanical Garden of Palermo, Sicily

24 April: field recording - Le Technique du Sacré  - with Natacha Muslera & Keja Ho Krame, Molo SUD, Palermo

23-25-26-27 April: Cosmetrico Sessions with Natacha Muslera & Keja Ho Kramer at the Botanical Garden of Palermo


9 November: realese of PANTALICA [A Site-Specific Recording]

recorded with Tim Hodgkinson and Gandolfo Pagano

for the italian independent label SETOLA DI MAIALE 

14-15-16 August: recording session with Mark Dresser at the 'Museo dei Viaggiatori di Sicilia', Palazzolo Acreide, Sicily

4 August: OPEN Quintet with Mark Dresser (bass) Elio Amato (piano & trombone) Francesco Branciamore (drums) Alessandro Vicard (bass & piano) , Palazzolo Acreide, Siracusa,  Sicilia

31 July: recording session with Trevor Brown (alto sax & flute) Irene Kepl (violin)  during RARA residence 2016

29-30-31 July - meetings and concerts at RARA Festival, Palazzolo Acreide, SR, Sicily

March: recording of Instant Saxophone Quartet, for saxophone & live electronic

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