19th June - Release of ECHOES IN THE VAULTS with Laurent Charles

11th May - Realese of VIRTUE   BY   CHANCE

the new album with the electronic musician from Marseille FA CESARIO

1th April - Realease of THE HOLY PLEDGE

recorded at St. Philomène Chapel

with the electronic musician from Marseille FA CESARIO

5th February, rewiew and interview by the italian critic Ettore Garzia on my music and my latest recordings


11th February the New Album is avalaible now!


25 old & new pieces for acoustic guitar!!!


30 December, what a pleasure to discover my two latest works inside the list of the best albums of 2019 made by the italian critic Ettore Garzia!

6 December, recording session with Jeannette & Michel Lambert, Lionel Garcin, Laurent Charles Emmanuel Cremer

at La Buissonne Studio, Avignone

2 December, recordings session with Jean-Francois Pauvros

at the Studio Campus, 12 rue Froment, Paris

September 29, New Album! Mark Dresser & Davide Barbarino | Duets

cover doppia 12xx12 .jpg

28 July Botanical Studies is available now!

Davide Barbarino - alto sax & clarinet & Frank Gratkowski - alto sax & flute
Recorded at the Botanical Garden of Palermo Febbruary 26, 2018



13/14 April: Recordings Session with Francois Wong at the St. Philomène Chapel & at the Caves de Côtes de Provence

7_10 April: recordings session with Fa Cesario at the St. Philomène Chapel

12/13 February: working session with Barre Phillips, Catherine Janiaux, Emmanuele Cremer, Lionel Garcin, Laurent Charles

28 January_28 April: Residence at the CEPI (Centre Européen pour l'Improvisation), St. Philomene Chapel, Puget-Ville, France


1/2/3 July: Residence at the CEPI (Centre Européen pour l'Improvisation)

with Barre Phillips, Laurent Charles, Julien Osty, Michel & Jeannette Lambert

   St. Philomene,  Puget-Ville, France

30 April: field recording session with Laurent Charles at Piazza dei Vespri, Palermo 

21-27 March: recording sessions and concerts with Michel Doneda in Palermo and Catania, Sicilia

26/27 February: recording session with Frank Gratkowski at the Botanical Garden, Palermo


29 November: recording session with Willehad Grafenhorst at the archeological site of the Grotte della Gurfa, Alia, PA (Sicily)

sound map

Davide Barbarino - alto & soprano sax, clarinet & flute

Willehad Grafenhorst - balalaika contrabass & gong

13_27 November: LABORATORIO DI ECOLOGIA ACQUATICA, personal exhibition at the Libreria del Mare di Palermo

18 September: recording session with Laurent Charles at the St. Philomene Chapel, France

13-14 -15 September: solo recording session at the St. Philomene Chapel, France

12-23 September:  LA LIGNE ROUGE 

with EMIR Collective directed by Barre Phillips

  at St. Philomene, Puget-Ville, France

11 September: recording session with Michel Doneda in Raillanne, Provence, France

9/10/11 September: acte collective avec Natacha Muslera, Michel Doneda, Fred Madoeuf, Marie Passarelli at the CASA LOBA, Reillanne, France

25/26 July: recording session with Elmar Guantes, Munich, Germany

27 June_27 July: INK POEMS,  personal exhibition in Munich, Germany

27 May: audio & video recording with Barre Phillips, Mark Dresser and Manlio Speciale at the Botanical Garden of Palermo, Sicily

7_18 May: Botanical Studies for Woodwinds  at the Botanical Garden of Palermo

4 May: meeting and recording set with Stevie Wishart at the Botanical Garden of Palermo, Sicily

24 April: field recording - Le Technique du Sacré  - with Natacha Muslera & Keja Ho Krame, Molo SUD, Palermo

23-25-26-27 April: Cosmetrico Sessions with Natacha Muslera & Keja Ho Kramer at the Botanical Garden of Palermo


9 November: realese of PANTALICA [A Site-Specific Recording]

recorded with Tim Hodgkinson and Gandolfo Pagano

for the italian independent label SETOLA DI MAIALE 

14-15-16 August: recording session with Mark Dresser at the 'Museo dei Viaggiatori di Sicilia', Palazzolo Acreide, Sicily

4 August: OPEN Quintet with Mark Dresser (bass) Elio Amato (piano & trombone) Francesco Branciamore (drums) Alessandro Vicard (bass & piano) , Palazzolo Acreide, Siracusa,  Sicilia

31 July: recording session with Trevor Brown (alto sax & flute) Irene Kepl (violin)  during RARA residence 2016

29-30-31 July - meetings and concerts at RARA Festival, Palazzolo Acreide, SR, Sicily

March: recording of Instant Saxophone Quartet, for saxophone & live electronic

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