INK POEMS (2016) is a book collection of 25 paintings, each one followed by a poem of Keja Ho Kramer 


Printed in 100 copies on high quality paper with a cardboard cover


INK POEMS became also an exhibition made in Munich, produced by Anne Huttisch and Paul Lindinger for PATIC Schmuck Collection during summer of 2017

Excerpts from the book, pages 5 to 8

Hands put back 

together the Crow's skull

Breaking star dust

         from a cosmic universe

Licking       Lichen

       ancient      Satyricon's

              erect cold stone penis

Waits for the black bird

to settle on its tip.



There's memory in shapes

they ask to be honored.

Pieces fit together. But

even without that

there is mechanical motion.

The spiraling brew of life

Makes us all feel a little

like God.

                                           if my wings were only meant to fly

i would



        out of the sky

        into the water

                                                  my fins, scales




                 like an autumn leaf

                                            the wind : fragrant, salted and warm

                          the same below is above.







                                                                   to fly

                                                there would be no difference between

                      the water and the sky

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